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An Act of Kindness

11/15/2011 - All Good Festival 2011 - Masontown, WV
We got this nice email today. Made our day.

Dear Gnomes and Hobbits Music:
I'm delighted to let you know that David Franz just made a generous gift for the disabled animals at our sanctuary in your honor!

We care for about 50 disabled animals on our farm in New Hampshire
— blind, deaf, three-legged, or with neurological and orthopedic problems — and every one of them has a wonderful quality of life here ... thanks to the support we receive from kind and compassionate people like David.

He asked us to let you know about his gift as a tribute to you,
and we are very grateful for it!

Steve Smith
Rolling Dog Farm


A Special Place For Disabled Animals

The Gnomes and Hobbits thank Mr. Franz. Very cool!